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Logo & Icons

Our Identity

Introducing our bold new Billplz logo.
Download the assets pack by clicking on button below:

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(What's included: PNG, SVG & AI files)


Our logo should have enough space around it. The “Exclusion zone” is about half the height of the capital letter in the logo. Do not put anything around the Exclusion zone.


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Billplz Blue
RGB 55,132,244
CYMK 77,46,0,4

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RGB 0,0,0
CYMK 0,0,0,100

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Dim Grey
RGB 91,91,91
CYMK 0,0,0,64

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RGB 189,189,189
CYMK 0,0,0,26

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White Smoke
RGB 233,233,233
CYMK 0,0,0,9

General Usage

To ensure maximum logo visibility on light and dark backgrounds, follow the guides below:

On light backgrounds, use our primary-coloured logo.

On primary coloured backgrounds, use our white logo.

On dark backgrounds, use our primary-coloured logo.


On digital or print medium, please follow our scale guidelines when using our logo.

Minimum height of 20px/6mm~

Letter Spacing

Above are accurate space between characters in our logo.

Logo Don'ts

Do not change our logo’s primary colour.

Do not reduce transparency.

Do not rotate, flip or distort.

Do not change the case or using other typeface/font.

Do not change the colour of each letter.

Do not change the letter spacing.

Do not stack the letters in the logo.

Do not use colour gradients.

Billplz Universal Icon (BUI)


Checkout page

Woocommerce Checkout page (FPX only)

Woocommerce Checkout page (FPX, Card, Paypal, Wallet)

Placement in media

For campaign specific type communications, the logo is place relatively on top of campaign icon.

For greetings or informative type communications, the logo can be place any position on canvas, as long as it follows clearspace guidelines.


Aligning our partners logo should follow clear space rules. The space in between logos can be created by double the width of the capital letter “B” and put “x” mark in the middle. Characters in partner’s logo must not higher or bigger than Billplz.

Download Partnership Template

What's included: PNG & SVG files

Social Icons

Social icons are specifically designed based on 5x5 tiles in a square box with exception of clearspace guidelines. Each logo is fitted within width of 4 tiles and vertically centered.


Our favicon consists of the first and last letter combined. For example Billplz = “Bz”.

Favicons preview in browser's tab.

Rounded products favicon.